“the diamond in the African crown”

The perfect destination for wildlife photographers and discerning safari travellers, Botswana's intimate and exclusive nature will also appeal to romantics. Indeed, the country offers some of Africa's most select and luxurious safaris lodges in stunning locations, making a Botswana honeymoon a natural choice for those who want an unforgettable experience.  And given the virtually never-ending array of animals both big and small, it's a great destination for an adventurous family safari. Botswana's many national parks affords many outdoors, camping, mobile safari and self drive experiences. 

A Botswana safari will deliver a travel experience that will live long in your memory. Custodian of extraordinary, wildlife-packed destinations such as the Okavango Delta and the Chobe National Park Central Kalahari Region, this easy-going, friendly country blends sensational big game viewing with excellent accommodation, cultural interactions and smooth-running logistics. Over 17% of Botswana's land area has been set-aside as national parks and game reserves. From the lush green of the Okavango Delta in the north to the red desert dunes in the south, great areas of wilderness have been carefully preserved to offer visitors an opportunity to experience nature at its very best. Click on the following links to read more about the Botswana

Over a period of 26 year we have specialized in the following safari experiences, in Botswana, that we offer and recommend to our clients.


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Okavango Delta / Chobe River Combination

Okavango Delta Excursion 10 Days


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